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A little about me...

Thanks for visiting my personal site here at JamesS.me. Whether it be for business or pleasure, I hope you find everything you were looking for.

As you can probably tell, my name is James Sonntag. I recently graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, and have since been in the industry.

If you've visited my site before, you probably noticed a big difference. Over the year I've been acquiring a particular set of skills. Skills that made me a much better web developer (a little Taken reference there), and thusly I figured it was about time to do a little updating.

Part of the update involved a personal blog, where I'll *ahem* attempt to keep it updated with life adventures, general thoughts, and interesting developing ideas/tips that I don't want to forget.

My main interests involve programming, exploring Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis, playing video games, and of course enjoying the lovely outdoors of Montana.

Work History

Ambitious and full of aspiration, I started working part-time, during college, as a web software developer (or "Webmaster Guru", which was my "official" title they had given me) for a startup company.

A few months after graduating, I acquired a position with TRG, an international surety agency, where I am currently a software developer / systems administrator.